About Us

David C. Radecke, CDMS, President and Founder of Peak Performance of Cambridge, Ltd., is a graduate of the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and is a Certified Disability Management Specialist. Mr. Radecke has over 25 years experience in Vocational Rehabilitation and has been an industry leader in the field of Disability Management. His career included fourteen years with the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation as a case manager, then project leader and department head. He served as an advisory member to the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation task force supporting the Governor’s initiative to Appalachia and received contributory acknowledgement in the most comprehensive work to date in the field of Disability Management, Principles & Practices of Disability Management in Industry (CRC Press, 1995). Mr. Radecke is experienced in Ohio, California, Colorado, Kentucky, Florida, West Virginia, and Virginia Worker’s Compensation.

Transitional work program coordination is performed by our skilled and experienced Work Injury Specialists, who understand how to navigate complex Workers’ Compensation and disability benefit systems.