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Of the three (3) things that drive an employers’ Workers’ Compensation premiums (medical costs, indemnity or wage replacement costs and the reserve established in a claim), the reserve has the stiffest impact on the employers’ premiums. The reserve is established at the end of the 7th day of lost time. When a work-place injury occurs, an employer has 7 days to effectively manage the outcome and prevent “lost time” from occurring. In turn, Transitional Work Program Coordination will be performed by the skilled and experienced Work Injury Specialists from Peak Performance who navigate a complex system saving the employer time and money. Ancillary services include:

Transitional Work Program Development

Policy & Procedure development, supporting documents and forms, identification of community resources, education and training.

Transitional Work Program Coordination

Transitional Work Program Coordination (or TWP Coordination) is effectively managing workplace injuries and procedures to reduce the lost time of a claim, saving the employer time & money.

Ergonomic Studies

An Ergonomic Study is an analysis of the “fit” of the worker within their work environments. It determines the effects of tools, equipment, workstation, and/or process design and the physical stresses it puts on an individual, while also identifying a solution to bridge the gap between deficiencies and meet product needs while preserving the integrity of the worker.     Ergonomic Study Example          Ergonomic Study Explanation

Job Analysis and development of a Job Bank

ADA compliant functional job descriptions and the development of a bank of meaningful, productive alternative work activities an injured worker can perform, for pay, without compromising the recovery process or putting the worker at risk.

Vocational Rehabilitation Case Management

Case Management promotes Case Movement, is the key to unlocking employer benefits when lost time does occur.

Job Placement & Development

When the employer can no longer make reasonable accommodation at the work site, we can assist the injured worker with finding suitable alternate employment.


Training key staff is an integral part of developing & maintaining a Transitional Work Program.  Recognizing there are different perspectives on disability management fosters cooperation.

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Return to work systems audit identifying strengths and weaknesses.

Professional Testimony

Expert witness services.

Cost Benefit Example for early return to work

A lower back soft-tissue injury for a 30-year old male worker with a healing time of about 12 weeks.

*No Transitional Work

Medical: $6,000
Compensation: $4800
Reserve: $24,000
Total Value: $34,800

**Transitional Work

Medical: $6,000
Compensation: $1200
Reserve: $6,000
Total Value: $13,200

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*No Transitional work-Reserve is calculated based on no return to work.

**Transitional work-Reserve is calculated based on return to work.