In January of 1995, while the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation was transitioning into a regulatory agency, Peak Performance began providing work injury management services for injured workers and employers. In 2001, Peak Performance began assisting Ohio employers with developing formal Transitional Work Programs and since that time has developed over 100 Transitional Work (early return-to-work) Programs for Ohio employers. More recently, as the Ohio Workers’ Compensation rules, regulations and laws have become increasingly cumbersome Peak Performance realized employers needed a professional Disability Management service, specifically a Transitional Work Program Coordinator service to assist employers with effectively managing Workers’ Compensation claims outcomes. Peak Performance now offers this service as well as a full line of Disability Management related services including Transitional Work Program Development & Coordination, Ergonomic Studies, Job Analysis, Vocational Rehabilitation Case Management, Job Placement & Development, Training & Consulting and Expert Testimony.