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Vocational rehabilitation services

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation

Is a voluntary program with the Bureau of Worker's Compensation for eligible Injured Workers.  The goal is to assist them in returning to work.

How Does It Work?

An Injured Worker can put in a request for Vocational Rehabilitation to their Worker's Compensation insurance company, often referred to as an MCO (Managed Care Organization).  Your physician or  attorney of record may also refer you for Vocational Rehabilitation.

Once the request or referral has been made, you must pass eligibility with the BWC.   If you don't qualify yet, you'll  receive a letter in the mail.  If you do qualify, it's time to pick a Vocational Rehabilitation company. 

I'm Eligible, What Now?

If you were referred to Vocational Rehabilitation by your physician or attorney of record, then likely they already made a referral to a vocational rehabilitation company that will manage the benefits and services used in a Vocational Rehabilitation program.

Every Injured Worker has the right to choose every provider they work with.  You can take the suggestion of your physician/attorney of record, or the MCO may make suggestions too.  You are free to choose on your own though.  Just make sure to tell the MCO who you want to use.

Starting Vocational Rehabilitation

Once a Vocational Rehabilitation vendor has been assigned, you'll work directly with a case manager to determine what benefits and services would best assist you in returning to work.

In some instances, returning to work isn't possible.  Vocational rehabilitation can still help though.  Talk to a case manager at Peak Performance for details on how.

More Information

For more in depth information on vocational rehabilitation, visit the BWC website.

Benefits of Vocational Rehabilitation

Living Maintenance

Once you begin participating in a vocational rehabilitation plan, you are eligible for Living Maintenance.   Only Injured Workers in a vocational rehabilitation plan are eligible for Living Maintenance.   The amount paid is determined by the BWC.  More Information can be found here.

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